dog training program as seen on tv dog training program as seen on tv:

  • Friday afternoon rant!
    This might you need to be my opinion, but all those are TV shows. They are cut plus edited and the family that they finish up showing is probably chosen from among 1000 other families with problem dogs. The all nice and sweet how they repair a major problem in 30 minutes, yet c' mon now!

    I' m irritated when someone posts the dog behavior question and he/she is known to a Television show that will amazingly solve all their problems.


    TARRA Kinkella

    I don' t know anything about Sixth is v. S, I don' t watch her display. I do watch the Dog Whisperer. I actually was lucky to grow up on the farm and even luckier that our household passed on to us children their information of animals. Our parents put animals initial and their care and behavior issues. Right now there are many kids who have been raised with house animals, but the mother or father did almost all of the care for the pet plus didn' t pass on the information in order to the children. There are some people who have never had a pet and don' big t realize all the drama that goes along with caring and training them. The benefit associated with a film like Dog Whisperer is that will it shows people tips on how to care and occasionally train their dog. Sometimes you can' big t just read a book, you will need someone in order to show you how it is done. Simply like some individuals can' t read a prepare book and cook, they need Martha Stewart to show them what an egg clean is. I don' t agree with every thing the Dog Whisperer does, and I believe in some instances, he is the just one that can do what he really does, but the overall benefit for the common public is still great. I have definitely learned some things watching his show, yet mostly I hear him echo things our mother told me as a child. I actually wish he would do a show upon how to train your nasty neighbors canine. ha


    Pure laziness – people see it because a " quick fix" – they do not realise that they need to put the particular effort and learning themselves. Its an entire lot easier, and more enjoyable, to sit down and watch a TV programme instead. Hello I just thought, if you can obtain your dog to watch it with a person – problem solved!!

    I hate seeing questions " Where perform I write to Cesar to get your pet in the future and see my dog? " : why not choose a trainer ALREADY in your own area? But suggest that and you obtain " but he' s the best, I actually want him". Im sorry, I thought a person wanted your dog problems fixed, not the spot on TV?!!


    I don' t also know who this Victoria S person is usually lol. Now I' m going to possess to google her!
    So significantly as Caesar goes – I don' big t hate him. I agree that a great deal is editted out and there is simply no way you' re going to fix the dog in 30 minutes. But as Decorated Pony mentioned, I also like that this individual says he " trains people" as properly. To me, that' s where a wide range of canine training blunders happen – because the individuals don' t quite understand how to teach their dog.
    He' s the good role model or in other phrases of being a " strong pack leader"… it offers you an example to help repair yourself!

    Nothing will be worse than that balding guy from that will show " At the end of the Leash"… omg that guy is mentally questioned. He wanted to show what it would certainly be like to try to stop the big dog when it' s not hearing so he tied himself with a teather to the back of a minivan plus had the minivan drag him around — was there a legitimate point to that? rofl


    The only thing I feel going to say in favor of Cesar Milan is that he always says, he or she TRAINS people. Now, that is an exact statement. As you said, much of exactly what he does is basic dog training plus obedience. The owners of many of these types of problem dogs are CLUELESS! Such as the particular dog that continually barks until the proprietor picks it up – and the proprietor hasn' t a clue why the canine continues to bark!

    Not all, but most of the conduct problems on these shows can be removed with some sensitive obedience commands. Problem is usually, the owners haven' t done their research. They sit there watching the pets misbehave, all the while wringing their hands stating, " Oh what can I do. "

    But Cesar plus Victoria are making a VERY comfortable residing so I guess they' re doing some thing right.

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    Hello, Dear visitor!

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    Most people used in order to see only cats for the trees, roofes plus fences, but not dogs like a matter associated with a rule, any dog will stop instantly when it reaches even a low fencing or barrier.

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    training by the method of TreT (Dog parkour)!

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