dog training tips with a shock collar dog training tips with a shock collar:

  • ok, i understand inhumane yada.

    We all rescued a 100 pound sheppard mix from your pound this last spring. He is certainly impossible on the leash. He knows in order to sit while i stop but as soon since I take a step he nearly guys me off my feet. I work w/ him on this almost daily and this takes at least 15 min of this particular to get him to at least not really take me for a total drag.

    So this weekend, has been walking him on wooded path (thank goodness) and am tripped, this sent him directly into a panic in which he drug myself about 10 feet through blackberry and toxic oak. I heard my previously broken knee crack (thank goodness I didnt refracture), I actually have poison oak all over my hands, and I am pretty much a large old bruise on my legs.

    We are 44 years aged and he is 2, if this will keep up by the time he goes in order to dog heaven at 12, I have worry that he will put me in the particular hospital.

    i got attempted choke collars, pinch collars, head collars along with no success.

    All of us are now at my last resort, in order to the shock collar, any recommendations on the good one, and if anybody has experienced any luck w/ leash training w/ the shock collar.

    Oh yea and we reside in the wilds associated with oregon, so getting a trainer would end up being at least 2-3 hours away.


    I presume he pulls when he gets enthusiastic about some thing he' s seen? In my experience, the particular shock collar didn' t work for that will particular problem because, at that level associated with excitement even the higher settings only elevate the excitement level. It' s possible in order to turn that excitement into fear, and fear-based aggression, if they associate the shock along with whatever it is they' re chasing.

    I used it the little for dog obedience training, it functions but I don' t feel comfortable making use of it. I put it on the rack after about 3 days.

    But obviously dogs are individuals, therefore yours might react differently. I used a good economy model from the pet store, along with 10 levels and a sound. The audio was useless — unless you' re within a quiet room, it gets overwhelmed simply by even the slightest distraction. With my puppy, level 1 drew no reaction whatsoever. He or she noticed level 2 indoors but not outside. Level 3 was good outside with simply no excitement at all. On myself, level one was barely a tickle, level 2 had been very startling, and I didn' t have got the nerve to go any higher.

    Based on my very own research, I would suggest something with a lot more levels, and with a vibrate mode. In addition I think, a display on the remote control showing the setting would be a great idea.

    Be cautious, read all you can about using this, these things can ruin a good canine if you' re not careful.


    If you falling straight down sent him into a panic, I wouldn' t recommend a surprise collar, especially given that it doesn' t sound like you happen to be acquainted with their use.

    First, you might want to enlist the professional trainer (even if they' re the ways away, they might be capable to remain with you or have a travel truck for clients like you who live out there in the sticks) to provide you along with some tips on how to control your own dog. You might also want to obtain some weighted dog packs or a little cart for him to carry/pull which can make him have to work a little. In a minimum I would preface each stroll using a game of frisbee in the garden to take the advantage off his power level.


    People misunderstand how to use shock training collars. To use them correctly, you need in order to have certain training skills. For example, enables say your dog leaps forward while you get a step, but now you have that will shock collar on him and you provide him a zap. In your head the particular dog should stop because of the move, but what may happen is that the particular dog will bolt to get far through whatever just bit his neck.

    Sit and stay is the good begin with a dog, but several dogs need more training. Your pup needs in order to learn impulse control. He also needs in order to find out more confidence which he may learn from you if you do management training. The website below has more info on that topic.

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    Dog Obedience Training

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