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  • I actually have two female dogs: a 2. five year old lab/doberman rescue and a four year old pit/greyhound rescue.

    They' re pretty good dogs, along with decent manners, but have some issues along with begging for food, and the youngest provides protective tendencies over toys and treats.

    I' ve always already been impressed by Cesar Millan and would such as to learn from him. Do you have got any recommendations of his best book plus his best video? Not for raising youthful puppies obviously, but dogs that are the few years old.



    I got a free little short seven minute video of his, nearly shook the head the whole time! He is DEFINITELY *NOT* a trainer. Just call around nearby trainers and see what they can perform for you. Or, train him yourself.: )

    I reccomend Koehler Dog training:…


    Don' t waste materials your money on this actor' s textbooks or videos, they just promote him.
    He' s not a trainer or even animal behaviorist, he' s a self trained t. v. actor who bases his loopy theories on watching mexican street dogs. This individual also uses outdated and very dangerous strategies -not at all appropriate for domestic house animals.

    Ask your veterinarian for a reference to a great trainer who else gives group obedience classes, it will eventually teach a person how to train your dogs and this helps socialize your dogs with new individuals and other dogs.

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    Where exactly did things go wrong for Cesar Millan, TV’s onetime top dog guru?
    … In this category: cats video whiskers purring Hamsters cute dogs puppy … Few
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    Paul gives dog training tips to Cyndi Edwards and Jerry Penacoli on … when your
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  • Dog Obedience Training

    From: Charlie Lafave

    Dear Fellow Dog Owner,

    Are you frustrated by your own disobeying dog who poops plus pees throughout the house, chews up everything within sight and jumps on every guest? Or even do you have a new puppy yet donâ € ™ t know where in order to start with potty and obedience training?

    If you’re like numerous dog owners, you’re looking with regard to (immediate) relief . Your experience is not really unique. Believe me! For example, if your own dog is…

    • Pooping all over the particular house…
    • Nibbling on the shoes…
    • Nipping at your own kids…
    • Peeing on your carpet…
    • Rushing out of the house at the first view of daylight…
    • Jumping on guests…
    • Fleeing the particular backyard…

    … Plus generally just driving you absolutely crazy !

    A person Need Help And
    You Require It Fast!

    We understand how it feels.

    Charlie and P.T.

    Author Charlie Lafave and their dog P. T.

    P. T., our 100-pound lab plus golden retriever mix, was exactly like that will when he first came into our family members. Like you, we wanted to train your pet to avoid these problems.

    Now you can use a breakthrough new book for people exactly like YOU plus…

    Dog Obedience Training

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    Virtually everyone who started as a dog trainer over 15-20 years ago started out
    using …. In this video example, my dog (crazy for toys) wants to go after the toy.

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    that, “encouraging the behaviors we want and ignoring …

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    Cesar Millan’s Official YouTube channel. Watch all-new “Cesar 911″ … Step into
    the world of renown animal behaviorist Cesar Millan!

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