the dog whisperer obedience training the dog whisperer obedience training:

  • I heard there was an episode of the dog whisperer where Caesar teaches someones dog to not be aggressive toward other animals. I have a pit and he is somewhat aggressive toward a cat and I want another pit, but I do not want him being this way with the new dog. Can anyone tell me what that episode of the dog whisperer was about? Thanks.


    The show puts a " do not try this at home" warning for a reason. You need professional help, look for a positive trainer who is knowledgeable about Counter Conditioning and Desensitization methods. Some will tell you to " punish" your dog- this most likely will exacerbate the problem. Positive Reinforcement does not " allow" your dog to get away with bad behavior it changes how your dog perceives what use to be a cause (in his mind) for aggression, and teaches them a different behavior.

    I had a client who tried what they saw on the show, and nearly got bit, and made her behavior towards other dogs worse. It took awhile but with a head collar, the modification techniques mentioned above, and a lot of reinforcement she is much better, and they are much happier. Is she cured? No, you cannot " cure" problem behavior, but you can treat and modify it, if it’s treatable. You definitely do not want to suppress the behavior, which is what punishment can do, since it can resurface in a more devastating manner.

    I have included some sites that give information about canine aggression, and include part of one entry found at merckvetmanual. com I hope they are of help.
    Treatment of Behavioral Problems Associated with Canine Aggression:
    The treatment of aggression can be complex and may best be performed by a specialist. The first step in treating any aggression is to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Then, any provocative circumstances must be avoided—repetition of aggression teaches your dog to be better at executing it and reinforces the association between context and behavior. Most behavior modification focuses on counterconditioning and desensitization using food treats or rewards. Owners must understand the difference between treats and bribes; the latter will guarantee treatment failure. The dog should be taught to defer to the owner for everything it wants. The goal is not to make the dog “submissive, ” but rather to teach your dog to attend to the owner for cues as to the appropriateness of its behavior. Dogs defer to other dogs by sitting or lying down and waiting for cues that tell them when they can proceed with their next behavior. Sitting or lying down acts as a “stop” command and allows owners to regain control of the situation. These dogs must earn all of their attention—even maintenance attention (eg, feeding, walking). Head collars (head halters, eg, Gentle Leader® or Halti®) can be a great help in treating or preventing problem canine behaviors involving aggression and can render any aggressive dog safer. Almost without exception, physical punishment, including the use of prong collars and electric shock collars, alpha rolls, and dominance downs can make an already aggressive dog worse. Owners should be discouraged from using these techniques, especially in the absence of supervision. Antidepressants (eg, amitriptyline, clomipramine, fluoxetine) have been helpful in treating anxiety associated with the aggression and in facilitating behavior modification. Currently, all behavioral treatment with psychotropic agents is extra-label, requires informed consent, and should be performed only after a thorough physical examination and laboratory evaluation (CBC and serum biochemistry profile).


    If you type in The Dog Whisperer in your search and go to his website. You can order the complete series on dvd. There' s lots of info on his site too. There was just an episode on this week where these people' s German Shepherd wanted to kill their cat.
    I would get some obedience classes too.


    I LOVE that show! lol! I don' t know what episode you' re talking about because there have been a lot of episodes like that, but as far as your pit being animal aggressive, that' s really normal for the breed. It is not normal for them to be human aggressive at all, but they were bred to fight animals, so some animal aggression, to a point, is normal.

    My husband and I own three American Pit Bull Terriers and they all get along wonderfully! We got our male first and then we got a female. It took our male a couple days to really accept her, but he wasn' t aggressive and they have never had a problem. We just recently got our third APBT, another female, and when we brought her home it took our other two a few days to accept her, but again, everything went fine and we have never had a problem. With pits (just like any breed) if they are well socialized starting at a young age, they shouldn' t even be animal aggressive. None of ours are animal aggressive, they are all very friendly dogs!: ) I don' t know your dog so I can' t tell you if it would be okay to get a second dog, but if your dog isn' t really dog aggressive and you get a puppy of the opposite sex (fixed of course) I don' t think you would have many, if any, problems at all.

    Good luck!: )

    Oh, the new episode last night was about a Lab that ate the owners pet chickens, and I believe he also went to a place and helped a Boxer and an APBT to not be as dog aggressive. I can' t remember if that was in last nights episode or if that was before that though? I do remember that the Lab that killed the chickens was last night though. Maybe his website could help you out?…


    It is something that you asked this. I’ve a 4 year old Pit and my grandson brought home a Pit puppy. The old Pit would growl and snap at the puppy and I said to myself " This is not going to work. " My grandson caught the episode of the " Dog Whisper" where he was teaching a dog not to go after a pet rabbit. He put the dog down on his side and brought the rabbit close. If the dog growled he pushed his finger to the side of the dogs face and said Shhhh, He did this a number of times.
    My grandson did the same thing. He put the old Pit on the floor and made her lay on her side. He brought the puppy over and if she growled he pushed his finger on the side of her face and said Shhhh. He kept it for the rest of the night. The next day there was no problem. The 55 lb Pit and the 20 lb pup run around the house playing all the time now. I have seen the old Pit get a bone and go to the pup and put the other end in her mouth so they can play tug of war with the bone.
    I hope you can find the episode to help you or try what I described.

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