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  • We adopted a 4 yr old doberman male from a local protection and while in the house he will be a wonderful dog. in case he is outdoors its a different story. He won' capital t come when called and barks at absolutely nothing if he is on his lead. We bought a surprise color on the suggest of a friend but the directions that will come with it are not clear upon how to use it.
    All of us live in the woods and we realize his need to hunt but want your pet to come when called and stop the particular barking. This is our 4th dobie plus we have not had this experience prior to but the were all puppies when we all got them and then we had the fenced in yard. Any suggestions or web sites would be greatly appreciated. Thanks beforehand.


    The first piece of advice is to make use of a shock collar that has the choice of a ' warning beep'. It will be a button on the owner' s remote control that will make the collar give a good audible beeping noise when pushed. Before a person shock your dog, press the beep key while saying your command. The goal associated with this is that the dog will listen to the beep, which will get his interest, and will then associate it with the particular command you are giving him. If the particular beep fails to get the dogs interest, you then shock the dog. Use the particular same series of steps everytime you make use of the shock collar. Beep and command, after that shock if needed. Eventually, the dog should not need the shock as it may associate the beep with the unpleasant outcome. When the dog listens and gives the particular appropriate behavior, even after the shock, compliment should always be given. This is therefore that you counter the negative outcome associated with the shock and reward the behavior you desire the dog to repeat. It is furthermore important that your dog not have in order to get allowed to wander on his personal, especially until he comes when called. The tip to keep your dog within the particular yard incorporates a bit of leash coaching as well. Put your dog on their leash and walk him along his limitations. After a few laps, praise your canine. This will show him where he will be allowed to go without you. Be certain if you take him beyond this period, that you are with the dog plus he has your permission to wander close to a bit'. This is how we skilled all or our dogs while I has been growing up plus it worked everytime, especially along with our hunting dogs.

    It is also important that you don' t get frustrated when training your canine. If you stay calm and assertive, a person appear as more of an authority amount and your dog will listen to a person better because they perceive you as the particular alpha dog. Getting aggravative, yelling unnecessary from the dog, or flailing arms in aggravation confuse the dog, make the dog stressed and therefore adds distraction from the preferred behavior.
    Now, some information upon the shocking aspect. Some people say that will using a shock collar is inhumane, yet this is only if misused. You need to never utilize the shock collar as a consequence, but rather an attention getting tool. This particular means that you need to carefully fixed the shock to the right level. The particular effect on your dog should be obvious in the sense that you can inform something got their attention. However, the surprise should never be set so high that will the dog pulls his ears back, tucks his tail in fear (slight tail tucking may occur in some dogs as this particular is a sign of submission as well) as well as the dog should in no way yelp in pain.

    If you have any other questions a person can email at bodab8231@gmail. com. Good fortune!


    I read this particular question awhile ago but read it through my phone and wanted to answer this particular on the computer instead. First I think it is GREAT that you rescued the dog from a shelter. You don' to state how long you have owned the particular dog for though, which I think is definitely pretty important before you use a surprise collar. All dogs within a new home consider at least 6 weeks to modify plus to get to know their true character. I do believe shock collars work in case used properly as well as for the particular right reasons. I am not sure the Dobie needs to be shocked for the two factors you are stating. They may be bred to defend and with that we have bred all of them to bark. Ultimately what you will end up being doing is shocking him for something all of us humans bred him to undertake. I understand that will you had 4 others that did not really behave this way but who knows exactly what he was taught previous to you. I actually would suggest that when he is outdoors and barking out of control to provide him immediately back in the house. A person will have to be very consistent plus you will need to do it correct away not let him bark for ten minutes and than bring him inside. In the event that he is inside barking spray him along with a water bottle and tell him SIMPLY NO bark or quite. If you do this particular for at least 30 days I believe you will see a huge improvement. Since far as using a shock collar to get him ahead when called it will NEVER EVER work. He will learn how to relate that shock with your voice and this individual learn to go the opposite way. I actually would get a lead which is extremely long and attach it to him. Have got small treats or whatever motivates him. (It can be a toy or pet) Begin out letting him go a bit away in the yard and say come. Whenever he comes reward immediately if he really does not come you pull him in plus reward. As he gets better and knows what you want let him go more and recall him. If you practice daily he will learn his recall. Whatever a person do don' t use come and consequence at the same time. Don' t actually say are available in an angry sculpt or you will not be able in order to teach him this command. Dobies are clever dogs and although stubborn it will not really take long in case you commit in order to training him.

    Doctor. Bruce Fogle states that " canine consequence should be to reveal your power, not really inflict pain". That' s the way consequence is seen within the dog' s thoughts. A shock collar should only be utilized for the most serious dog crimes for example sheep chasing.


    You use the shock collar for positive punishment or damaging reinforcement.

    +P: basically, you shock the dog as he' ersus doing / as he' s just completed doing the " wrong" thing. If timed correctly (and the " wrong" behavior provides nothing to do with fear / personal defense / etc), the " wrong" conduct should decrease.

    -R: essentially, you shock the dog continuously till he does the " right" thing. When timed correctly (and the " wrong" conduct has nothing to do with fear and self defense / etc), the " right" behavior should increase.

    One problem that you MUST watch away for is poorly timed shocks. This can undermine any efforts you have submit in order to train and build a bond with your own dog. Another problem you MUST watch away for is too harsh of punishment, which usually depends on the dog. Administering too severe a punishment will make your dog fright you, the collar, etc. This will create it worse. Another problem you MUST seem out for is your level of disappointment. If the dog isn' t doing exactly what you want, it can get very annoying, but it will surely be easy in order to take it out on the dog considering that you are simply pushing a button. This particular will degrade your relationship and may coach your dog to go into a condition of learned helplessness.

    The great thing to do here is get the professional to help you. The best instructors are all primarily positive reinforcement now, therefore they might not want to work along with this tool. If you feel like a person NEED to make use of this tool, make sure in order to screen potential trainers. Do not work together with individuals who are obsessed with " dominance. " Dominance theory and positive punishment is the great way to teach your pup learned helplessness.

    If you are using the surprise collar respectfully and have excellent timing plus your dog has a " hard" character, you might end up getting the behaviors a person want. If any of these aren’t real, you are likely to make the circumstance worse.


    If you are not really experienced and are unsure about how in order to use a shock collar then DON`T.
    You could do more harm compared to good by using it without any earlier experience.
    They are for the particular experts to make use of on Red Zone cases.
    Training is the answer in instances like yours and I would find the good trainer and put in some required work on this dog.
    In 4 years old he’s probably picked upward some bad habits but with patience plus proper training you should be able in order to turn this dog around.
    Never ever chastise him or lose your temper whenever he does eventually return to you right after running off and practise re-calls in the well fenced area. Always reward him along with praise and a treat when he profits to you at any time. There are usually loads of websites on training dogs (ofcourse not all are good).
    A great book on training would help much better than going on a website.
    Good Luck.


    did you not really like the answers you got yesterday?

    I support the type of collar you got. I only make use of it to get the dogs attention along with the vibrate. It only took a couple of small shocks for him to understand that will humping and any level of aggression with the dog park were unacceptable. If a person have the same kind I have (can' t think of the brand right now) it has a variety of close in order to a football field in length. Check your own to see.

    A person can use the vibrate as a good-job signal too. Start that with treats on the same time for something done nicely in very close proximity. Think about clicker training and use this vibrate function that will way.

    Shock training collars are not bad, some bad, uninformed individuals use them.

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