Has anyone every tried any medication on a dog that barks excessively and has seperation anxiety?

Okay, I rescued a German Shepherd puppy at the age of four months from an abusive home. That was Hercules, then I went back to the shelter to get his brother, Goliath. They're both from the same litter, they're brothers, but they look completely different and act even more different. Hercules is calm, never barks or pulls on the leash, I trained him very well, the same with his bro, they know how to sit, stay, down, come fetch, talk or "good speak", good quiet as well, leave it, ECT. theyre both ten months now. I took them both to puppy training since they were around six months old. Before that I trained them by using a magazine. When I took goliath or Golie for short, to the training class he was the best one there! He already knew how to sit, stay, and well you get the point. But he is barker! Which is why I decided to take him the training class, I wish I done this before. So far we had had two trainers, one muzzle, one head harness, calming collar, calming spray, I tried everything. The first training, came and went, now we are currently going to Pets smart seeing how its guaranteed that they will be trained, no matter, what if he fails it, like he is right now… then we can take it over and over and over again. Until we get it right. But guess what! I took him to the local wilderness park the other day, two joggers approached us right, he barked none stop at them, then he ran behind my mom! Oh my god! I have never ever seen him do that. Is he traumatize from his past family?

He turns the house inside out when I leave, and bark none stop whenever I leave the park and leave him with my mom to go use the public restroom, the other day I had to bring him with me! It was awkward handling my business their with him staring right at me. I cant shake this dog for one second. I will NEVER try shock collars. My dad is planning to buy a house with a nice and I mean really nice yard. After all my complaining, he is buying a house mostly for the yard, the inside is great but the yard is awesome even better than the whole house. Its that serious, our house is too small for two GSDs. I can handle them, running is easy, playing fetch, hide and seeks, and monkey in the middle with them is the best! I love them both so much. I never ever had dogs before, my mom and pops grew up with GSDs, but they have never seen a dog this crazy attached to me and afraid of people. My dad said that I use either a sedation, or medication called Clomicalm, and or Reconcile. HAS ANYONE USED THESE IN THE PAST? DO THEY WORK? My first pup Hercules is already moving on to agility training, soon it will be fly ball, and then tracking, and then Shutzhund. Which is best to begin first though? Tracking, then agility then fly ball then shutzhund? Or what would be the correct order? I am training my dog, Hercules to do this, while my other pup Golie cant even walk in public with out barking at stranger! Why on earth can he do all those other tricks and NOT even walk without practically giving someone a heart attack? Thank you all for your help, especially to those who read ALL of this, sorry that I made this so long, I wanted to use details, if you have any questions ask down below along with your answer, thank you all so much. for your help. I just hope I can solve this before he is fully grown, theyre both around 75 pounds they just turned ten months and theyre only getting bigger!! Wish me luck and have a great day…

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    Part of the veterinarian's job is to protect the human/animal bond by helping you resolve any issues that could come between you and your dog. You really need to rely on the professionals for this one.

    Having said that, I adopted the dog in my photo from a kill shelter. Buddy has severe separation anxiety. He HAS to be near my husband, and tears up things in the house if he is left. He cannot be crated at all, because he breaks his teeth, escapes, and moves the crate all over the house.

    We have him on Prozac. It has helped a lot. I would try one of the other medications first, or whatever your vet recommends. I have found that amitriptyline doesn't really work — so I went heavier from the beginning. It has cooled his jets, although he isn't perfect.

    Our vets recommend citronella collars for excessive barking. They learn that every time they bark, the collar squirts them. But I would wait until the trainer is able to direct you. Our vets know which trainers are the best — they know them, plus hear reviews from their clients.

    Don't ever punish your dog for the anxiety-related problems. It makes it worse.

    Here's a great trainer website we recommend. Dr. Sophia Yin is a behaviorist and veterinarian.

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