Military dependent with service dog flying to Nashville Tn from Fayetteville Nc?

I intend to buy the cheapest ticket online which is usually on Delta or United at about 150ish. I have a service dog who will be coming with me and I am pregnant. I will be bringing a military tuff box which for those who dont know what that is a tuff box is basically a plastic trunk mine has wheels on one side and a handle no idea dimensions and weight.I also will be bringing a backpack with my meds labtop phone and dogs emergency supplies. Once I order my ticket I want to call the airport and see if I can be escorted all the way to the plane gate to avoid the constant badgering of people and get assistance as needed.

What flight will allow me to take a tuff box as checked baggage
What is it going to cost me to do so …most google searches turn up as I am going to pay more to transport that tuff box than what I am paying for a plane ticket
I have progesterone shots which I will put in my backpack along with my sharps container I know they have to let me bring them but how does that work exactly
I also am bringing my breast pump should I put it in my backpack or in the tuff box as it is heavy and I dont know if I can bring it on the plane
I also am bringing chilled colustrum which is a body fluid and I will be bringing that in my back pack how will that work should I just state that I have it and all my meds when going thru security which is going to be annoying enough with my service dog plus she is a pitt bull and that already adds more attention than I like
How early should I be there since I am needing all this extra help
Basically can someone walk me thru this trip in detail
All flights btw stop in either ATL or Charlotte and then land in Nashville its a very short flight with about an hour of layover time
I have never flown with my service dog She has never been on a plane but meets TSA guidelines and I recently trained her for the security checks so I think she will be fine but added advice would be nice to hear
I cant think of any more questions just yet but I really need some help going thru this

  • <cite class="sig">ELIA</cite>

    The TSA website has a section which specifically answers most of your questions:

    This is Delta's policy for service animals:

    This is a link to Delta's luggage policy, and United's is similar:

    You do need to weigh the box and check the size. Being a military dependent and/or disabled does not exempt you from the requirements. You may be better off shipping the box and using a normal size & weight bag as your checked luggage.

    Get to the airport about 3 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. Advise the check-in agent of your situation. Advise the TSA agents as soon as you arrive at the check-point.

    One hour between flights is do-able at ATL but tight. Check to see when the "next" flight will be so you know.

    Best wishes!

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