Your opinion on shock collars for dogs?

I was just wondering what everyone's opinion is on shock/vibration/stimulation/spray collars for dogs? I have always gone by the saying "use whatever works best for you and your dog" because not every technique is going to work depending on the case, that is why trainers will evaluate u and ur dog then use methods from there. After seeing multiple trainers in my city for my dog pulling me down the street everytime we went for a walk and them advising me to use a HALTER AND RETRACTABLE LEASH I gave up on obedience trainers and decided to do my own research. There is no way I even tried it when they told me to do that. (A halter is MADE for a dog to pull so why would I give my dog an even more advantage? Let alone you have no control with a retractable leash!!!) So I bought a petsafe remote trainer and went on my walk with my german shepherd. (Btw calling her name never worked because she would tune me out, and she eventually became numb to every technique) so I started off on the lowest possible setting and then would work my way up to figure out which one worked best without causing her much pain. it went up to 15 and I used it on 5. Everytime I pressed the button briefly she would slow down and walk beside me, and there is when I would reward her. I did this on every walk and now I am able to walk her off leash, on leash, where ever and she listens to me. (Btw no negative outcomes came out of this, no shyness, no aggressiveness, no tail tucked) not to mention when I got her she was timid around other dogs, so I took her to the offleash dog park and everytime her hair went up, or she got tense or barked I would press the button and then it would snap her out of it and she'd calm down and then I'd reward her. Now she will gladly play with other dogs upon first meeting them (before I tried this she'd see another dog or even smell another dog from a distance and she'd start running away) now like I said she has no problems what so ever. She is a happy balanced dog and I would just like to know what you guys think of these collars and your experiences

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    It's personal opinion. I'm my head, they're awful and I would never recommend a shock collar nor use one EVER. I personally think that there are much better ways to train dogs, you're right though, not every technique works for individual dogs, but if you know your dog well enough, you can figure out something that works for you. In this case, if it worked then thats great for you. I would still however not use one. I just to see it as if you wouldn't do it to a small child, then why should you do it to your dog. I wouldn't like it done to me, so I wouldn't do it to my dog.

    That being said. I still think you did the right thing, by training your dog properly and keeping the other dogs safe at the dog park etc. I perhaps would have gone about it differently, but good on you for actually training your dog, most people can't be bothered.


    I also wanted to add, that my opinion on the citronella spray is different. I would still avoid it if possible but I am less against the citronella spray collars than the shock collars.

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