How can I get my puppy to stop barking?

I have a Yorkie mini. He barks all the time. When he doesn't get his way he barks. When he doesnt want to do something he barks. When my other dog starts playing with something and he wants it then he will bark at him. ugh. He is driving me bananas.! What is a way that I can get him to stop?

Also. My yorkie likes to bite my cats balls. Which my cat will cry and lately has been hiding because he is afraid of the yorkie. What is a way that i can get him to stop doing that? With this i have tried spraying him with water and spanking his butt. Nothing is helping. Please Help

I will give anyone that can give me the most tips 10 points.!

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    Yorkies are great hunting dogs, and so need a lot of exercise.

    1) Take him out at least 2 times a day, no matter what the weather for an hour walk each.
    2) When he is quiet tell him quiet and give him a small treat. When he barks ignore him.
    3) When he is barking, do not yell or shout at him. This will encourage the barking
    4) Play lots of games with him when you are home such as fetch or tug of war
    5) Do NOT use a shock collar, hitting or spraying with water
    6) Review his diet and find one suitable for him
    7) Get him to training classes
    8) When your other dog has something he wants, do not give it to him as this will teach him that he gets what he wants when he barks.
    9) Do not spoil him.

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