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  • We have an eight-month-old Smooth terrier puppy. She loves to run plus play outside, but sometimes we have problems getting her back inside. We live within a small cul-de-sac and our house back up to the woods. We' re upon about 2 acres.

    We are seriously considering electric fencing, yet I am getting a little confused upon some of the details. If you can help me out, that would be excellent: )

    1. What' s the difference between electric fencing plus an electric collar? Or are they the particular same thing? Preferably we would need some thing which is an automatic shock when the girl crosses the boundary, and something that all of us could manually shock her with using the controller or similar. (to curb some quite disgusting eating habits: P)

    2. How expensive is it in order to obtain an electric fence? I saw several things that said $ 100, some that mentioned more like $ 1000. Obviously we don' capital t want to break the bank, but perform you have any suggestions of the greatest brand to get under $ 400-500?

    3. If we get the professional to place it up, will they will explain how to train her? Or may they just leave us an handbook? I' d really like a good company suggestion to place up the fencing so we all know it' s done right.

    4. Very best success price? I' ve read a bunch of factors saying it might malfunction or the canine might ignore it, but no one provides said how often that happens. This actually is kind of a tough question, apologies, but I necessary to ask: )

    Thanks so much… by the particular way, please don' t rant and great at me about real fencing. It' s i9000 not really an option where we reside and yes it would be really annoying. Plus, our own puppy will discover a way out, not really matter what….

    Thanks a lot again!!!!


    I have used each invisible fencing and a remote trainer.

    1. For the fencing to work, your pup will be wearing a good electric collar that works with the fencing. It will start to beep when the particular dog gets close to the fence, after that if the dog keeps going it is going to move them. A remote trainer is a scruff of the neck having a remote that you manually use in order to zap the dog.

    2. I most certainly failed to spend 1000$ for my fencing lol obviously the particular prices to vary depending on the brand name and all their features. They are not really cheap though. For the fence it can more than likely be in the 200 $ + range Additionally, it depends on where a person buy it. The collars are expensive plus again it depends on the brands plus features. It can be found at the lower price then the fencing, however occasionally you get what you pay for. I actually paid around 200 $ for my remote control trainer.

    3. Whenever i did my invisible fencing we place it up ourselves. It did come along with instructions. A professional dog trainer won' to necessarily know how to put up the particular fencing, you will have t do her, however you could get one to assist train you on how to use this. If i remember correctly the instructions to get mine were to walk to dog upon leash towards the fence, wait for all of them to hear the beep then keep heading until they got shocked. The dog may associate the beeping using the shock and can soon realize it shouldn' t be heading that far.

    With regard to the remote trainer I would strongly suggest obtaining a trainer to show you just how to use it properly before doing this yourself. My boyfriend/common law is a fitness instructor and showed me how to use this before I used it on my very own, he has also saved the lives associated with many dogs by showing the owner just how to use it properly. One of the own dogs life was saved by making use of a remote trainer as a training device.

    4. The achievement rate depends upon several factors. The amount one factor being you and your information on how to use it properly. Such as i said before, do some research plus get a trainer if need be. An additional factor could be the brand you select. For example, a 50 $ remote coach will not be as good as the 199$ remote trainer. It could be the particular difference of it being waterproof or not really and the durability of the actual equipment. Most shocking mechanisms have more then a single setting, for example my remote trainer offers 15 levels. My dog ignores levels 1-3 but after that i get her interest. When she is more excited, let state when she sees a squirrel I have to make use of a higher level to get her interest. I believe that many invisible fencings have got multiple level you can have it arranged on as well.

    hope this helps!

    another quick note after reading one associated with the other answers; most collars will furthermore have different prong lengths to accommodate various coat lengths. Mine came with short prongs and long prongs; i have an edge collie so i use the long prongs.


    Okay– there are usually two different things and you have in order to understand the difference…

    A hidden fence is a wire set down under the ground that sends the signal to a collar your dog dons to provide them a zap when they will try to cross it.

    An electric fence generally is a good electrified fence or hotwire that gives your puppy a zap if they try to move over or under it (any living issue that touches it will eventually get a zap). A person must make sure to keep the lawn mowed so that nothing touches the fencing, otherwise it will eventually ground out and be made mostly ineffective. We now have one associated with these around our chicken coop, it retains raccoons and opossums and dogs and various other creatures from trying to dig under this or go through the chicken wire plus eat the chickens. We utilized to make use of the same exact system to contain our own GSD to one side of the lawn. If you use this, you will most likely have to run 2-4 strands at the height so that your dog can not really go under, through, or higher it with no touching it. It would actually be greatest paired with some kind of cheap fencing (maybe that 2. 5 foot high trellis stuff you will get at the Home Depot), which usually in that case you should probably only require 1 strand running on the inside somewhat below the very top, and maybe one particular at the very bottom.

    I highly suggest you do NOT get the unseen fence— they are good for while a person are out there supervising, but a canine can spook and run through it and not get back in because they obtain zapped whenever they come near, or the bigger, vicious dog who is not putting on an invisible fence collar can charge by means of and kill your dog. So can outrageous animals.

    Really– We would just build a cheap fence, plus fence off either all or simply a smallish section of your yard for the canine to operate around in. Maybe fence away a 40×20 foot area off your back again porch where you allow the dog out, or even just your back yard. Figure out exactly what realy works for you— there are numerous ways you can build a cheap fencing.

    This particular right here —>… Will probably be sufficient to consist of your little dog, especially if combined along with a strand of hotwire running at the particular bottom of it, 6-10inches off the floor.

    Modify: Using cheap materials, you should easily end up being able to create a sturdy fence designed for under 0– one that will keep your own dog in and predators out. Look designed for horse/pig panels at your local feed shop or co-op— attach those to treated 2x4s — Done! If the gaps are the little wide you can always fill all of them with chicken wire (nice and cheap).


    1. There is a HUGE various between an invisible fence and an e-collar. The e-collar is meant for YOU in order to administer the correction. Nevertheless, with the unseen fencing, the dog will get a caution buzz, vibrate, then the shock the nearer they are able to the fence. DO NOT OBTAIN AN E-COLLAR TO SHOCK THE DOG WITH REGARD TO EATING POOP. That is something you are usually able to correct with training, tablets in order to make the poo taste bad, etc.
    2. Depending on the fencing this can vary. DO NOT GET THE TYPES FROM WAL-MART or any type of other store. Get the particular fencing professionally installed. There is certainly much less room for error upon installation, they are usually going to explain everything to you, and so on. When you have a fence put within for you, if there' s an issue they are going to come out plus fix it. They also come with the backup battery in case the power will be out. They are more dependable than individuals you do yourself. They' re slightly a lot more expensive, but worth it.
    several. There are quite a few good types out there, but again, their prices differ. Seek information, and make the decision that will would meet your needs best. Many situations this will depend on who is delivered out to install your fencing. Often there is the manual in case you need to re-sync the collars after changing the batteries, and so on. However, training is fairly simple. The red flags are set up across the fence since a visual aid for your dog, since well as the warnings the dog will get as it gets closer to the fencing before the shock are pretty obvious in the direction of the dog. You' ll want to proceed out with your pup for a whilst as it is getting used to the particular fence, but don' t forget to boost the intensity as the dog grows therefore as to avoid your dog running via the fencing.
    4. Depending upon the brand and the company you may have differ success rates. It also depends on the particular dog, how frequently you maintain your fencing and the collars, check the batteries, and so on. My bosses have four, now five British Mastiff, and they haven' t ever experienced any failures with theirs, and theirs had been professionally installed. I can' t remember simply by who though. HOWEVER, a friend had the 120 lb lab who chased a bunny through the fencing, but would NOT arrive back through for fear of being surprised. AND, you also have to worry regarding other animals wandering on your property. The particular only way to be 100 % certain that your pup is confined, and secure from other creatures would be to place up a real fence. However, no issue how you slice it… even an costly invisible fence would be cheaper. Just don' t leave her out unattended… someone may try to steal her.


    Generally there are two kinds of electric fencing.

    There is hotwire, which usually simply shocks an animal when it variations it. It is very inexpensive, but would certainly not work alone for a dog. This is great to supplement a regular fencing if a dog jumps or digs.

    There is certainly " invisible" fencing, which sends a signal in order to some collar and shocks the dog whenever it crosses the queue. It requires teaching, and a dog with a strong victim drive (like a terrier) would most probably disregard the shock if what is upon the other side is interesting enough.

    You could use a good e-collar, but you would need to understand how to use it, and stay viewing the dog, otherwise you would not understand when she actually is too far aside.

    You might not really like the idea of a regular fencing, but that is the best choice, unless of course you want your small dog to walk off and possibly become lunch for the bigger dog or some wild animal.

    You could always obtain a portable kennel or x-pen, and maintain the dog near the house.

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