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  • who else thinks they should end up being illegal as well as the people ought to be arrested for animal creulity?
    just wondering.

    individually. i think they are mean. if a person dont want your dog to bark spend in a stuffed animal dog or behavior lessons not the collar. or if a person didnt want it to bark. why do you get one in the first location.

    DIGNA Stathis

    First, I think this should be clarified not every shock scruff of the neck is only used or even typically utilized to stop barking. Shock collars are furthermore dog obedience training tools, especially useful within the more stubborn dogs that not teach with typical methods.

    I also think it is important in order to think of the collar in a specific manner. While yes, the ability of the surprise collar can be abused and combined along with intent to harm, the collar can furthermore be utalized being a training tool. The shock absorbers used for training are meant to become very quick and ultimately not an unpleasant or cruel tool. I can say indeed – I recognize this as in the shock collar seminar each of the instructors or owners experienced the shock that would certainly be utilized on the dog.

    As to people using them along with the intent to harm – that is definitely cruelty because it is purposely inflicting discomfort and torment with an animal such because you mentioned in the video.

    If you still refuse in order to look into the use of a shock collar within this manner I want you to consider this question.

    Do you rather see (a) a trained person utalizing a surprise collar as a training device for a dog that wont respond in order to any other behavior therapy or (b) that will dog euthanized because of a behavior issue that could happen to be fixed?

    And if you’ll still choose W simply because of your inability to realize the real use of a shock scruff of the neck – you have obviously never had in order to assist in restraining and participating in a good act of euthanizing a healthy/young animal just because owners can not deal nor need to work with a behavior issue. The behavior issue that makes the dog not able to adopt in a normal situation.


    Electric collars best training tool that will I have used for over 20 many years too train hundreds of dogs. Never acquired a problem, never had an issue along with any of them.
    It actually is uneducated people like you that arrive on here because they have nothing otherwise to do and need some drama inside their live and incite other like-minded individuals who also know dick about training the dog, that give these excellent training equipment a bad name.
    Please, develop up, find out what a dog is certainly and how an E collar works plus how it can help a dog, after that we can talk. Hope I helped!


    I don' t think that anybody who has used shock collars is in a that decision easily. My first encounter was taking my dogs to rattlesnake medical center. It has a tough decision for me personally, but my neighbors were routinely getting snakes on sunning themselves on their front patio and my vet made it clear how the vaccination for rattlesnake bites does not actually extricate the dog from danger. It has been hard, but I don' t regret this. Then at about 1/2 years old, our two dogs started barking at anything plus everything when I wasn' t home. This was driving my neighbors crazy. I effectively trained them not to bark by simply saying " hush". My nextdoor neighbors had been able to say " hush" as nicely as the dogs would be quiet, yet they would not be quiet for the particular woman across the street and she has been very upset. It finally came to the particular point where we had to do some thing for when we weren' t home. All of us caused our trainer on it, spoke along with our vet and called our breeder. We no longer have to turn the dog collars on at all. I just put all of them on as well as the dogs don' t bark. The collars tend not to hurt the particular dogs (despite the idiotic displays of teeenagers putting them on themselves on youtube) any kind of more than it hurts you to obtain shocked when there is a lot associated with static in the air. If they are usually used correctly, they are not abusive. Canines do bark. All of us accept that will. But constant barking is not acceptable. Getting a dog is a responsiblity–you don' capital t just allow unacceptable behavior to continue.

    MICHIKO Strimback


    Because a professional trainer I use remote training collars daily.
    When used properly, these people are not cruel or abusive by any kind of means. Most people just don' t understand how to use them correctly.
    They turn the dial up too higher and the dog will yelp. This will be not the best way to use the remote collar. The dog will not realize why it really is being corrected.
    The proper way to learn is usually by using a professional who has utilized them and knows the necessary level to get their dogs.
    When used correctly, the dog does NOT cry, yelp, shout or make any noise at all. Whenever used properly, the dog feels only the tingle or vibration. It is far through meant to hurt the dog.
    When used properly, the dog will function at the lowest and most effecient degree for that dog. When used properly, this does not take most humane way in order to train a dog. For example, there can be absolutely no choking like the choke string. There are no marks left on the particular dog' s neck as can happen along with the Pinch training collar, and, from our many past experience, a dog responds in order to commands better with the remote collar.
    I hope I got shed some lighting on this subject for you. Of program, I am never going to try in order to change anyone' s mind here.
    You have to make up your very own mind on this subject.
    The goal is to educate people who perform not understand.

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