shock collar for training dog to come shock collar for training dog to come:

  • How do you train you dog to come to a shock collar?


    Honestly, plus I don' t mean this badly yet if you have to ask that query you shouldn' t touch a shock dog collar. A shock collar is made to become used as either positive punishment or unfavorable punishment. You need to have a complete understanding of both of those concepts plus their effects on the dogs psyche just before you decide to even begin to think about it. I' m not totally against surprise collars, there is a place for all of them but that is in the hands associated with a trained professional. You can' t teach recall by means of punishment.


    Training a dog to arrive having a shock collar is accomplished by adverse reinforcement, which is the removal of a good aversive stimulus (the shock) when the canine performs the correct behavior (coming).

    For information on why a lot of view shock collars as unneccesary and on times cruel, please see

    For information on teaching the reliable recall with no shock collar, find the following article:…


    A surprise dog collar is pain and punishment. No dog will certainly reliably come to pain and fear. Exactly what about positive reinforcement instead of resorting in order to shocking your pet? Try some really goodies, or a favorite toy or perhaps the lot of praise. You want your canine to think that coming to you can be the best thing in the world. Not really the worst.

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