Shock collars for barking dogs

I was on ebay and came across one of those electric bark collars that delivers a shock…not exactly the same as the ones of old that were set off by every little thing and delivered high power shocks, but the modern ones that deliver warning tones and vibrations before low level shocks that increase in intensity up to a maximum.

I should note at this point I don't want one – my dog is luckily a sensible barker! I was just suprised that my opinion on them has changed!

But they seem a lot more humane than the ones from ten years ago, and if it means that a dog can stay with a family that might otherwise rehome them that must be a good thing right? Although I'm sure they do get misused by some evil excuses for humans who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near dogs..

What do you think? I'm interested to see if opinion has changed these days.

  • <cite class="sig">CARLEENRorrer</cite>

    It depends. I used an e-collar for a while for my dog when training. I know a lot of people argue that with training you don't need one, but my dog was SO fast as a pup that I couldn't even catch him to reprimand him or stop him barking. He would also take off after deer into the woods near my parents house, where there are mountain lions, black bears, and wolves. There was no way to catch him and stop him once he got going, and we didn't want to have to leash him ALL the time for him to learn.
    It worked well, I only ever shocked him twice on setting 2 of 10, mostly using the warning tone, and he hasn't needed it in years.

  • <cite class="sig">KMancia</cite>

    They can be great in the right hands, both the barking and the regular one. My house has had both. But you must be in the same room with them to use them, barking ones and regularly check to make sure they are working right.
    Ours mal functioned and continually shocked my dog even though she was silent. Thankfully we were in the room so it only happened for a few seconds.

    We would get it again if barking was an issue anymore.

    These great training tools are amazing but in the hands of a fool can be cruel.

    Best part about them for my dog, the battery has been dead for a couple years now we don't need to use it anymore, just it on her makes her behave.

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