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  • The Ultimate Chihuahua Guide

    From the Desk of Eileen J. Warren
    Thursday, Dec 24, 2015
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    Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

    Let me inform you a quick story about my initial Chihuahua encounter…

    Ever since my grandparents brought house this adorable pet from their vet, I desired to learn a lot more about this amazing dog breed of dog . I couldn’t believe just how small it was with first! Yet, I quickly discovered that Chihuahuas are very alert, intelligent, plus caring . They make great companions, as well!

    Yet I also learned that Chihuahuas are extremely unique from other breeds — and generally require extra special attention from their owners. While they may be fantastic pets and bring a great deal associated with joy to everyone around them, they need a good house and deserve proper care (their well-being depends upon it ).

    So I went out plus did some research. I was shocked to learn that hoards of people were adopting Chihuahuas right and left — most because they saw one…

    The Ultimate Chihuahua Guide

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