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  • I have heard so many good factors info, never anything bad. My friend completely house trained her black lab within the week and now it' s 2 yrs later, I' m wondering-should I buy 1?

    My boyfriend plus I have 6 dogs. Each dog contains a problem, ie bad on a teather, jumps fence or bites when someone variations their bed etc.


    Will depend on the person. We use them with varying success. Upon our english shepard (think boarder collie) features on the lowest setting. On our huskies, they do not even feel it with the highest setting. Our pitbull mix requirements something in the middle. We ONLY utilized shock collar because our dogs will pursue anything that runs, including going down the particular street. In that chasing mentality, they perform not listen anymore.
    The just real reason people think they are poor is because they over anthropomorphize dogs. We all (and some of our neighbors) have got the humane society called on us simply by a new subdivision that went up simply by our farm just because our dogs had been being kept outside. (In an insulated protection, heated water bowl, and large kennel).

    Shock collars are great when used in moderation or for the particular right reasons.
    Your problems are usually easy to fix without them. You are usually not dominant in the relationship with your own dog. Every time a dog pulls on the teather, jerk him as well as say simply no firmly. If that doesn' t work, cool harder. Do not let him walk before you until he knows to respect a person.
    If they bite, you " bite" them back (tap on the nasal area, push away, etc)- be the dominant canine. If they bite you EVER (unless simply by accident)- then you are not dominant. When you were a pack leader, you might retaliate back.

    Because for the fence, which is one factor where an underground fencing shock collar might work. A remote one would be worthless unless you sit there staring at your own dog the whole time it is out there.

    Any more queries, please email.


    surprise collars are quick fix they can end up being useful in the right hands similar in order to training device but if used incorrecctly may exaggerate or make the problem worse, i actually would consider likely to see a canine trainer to train yourself first because when you might have 6 dogs and they will all have a problem then you have got to do something at a basic degree, you. bad on the leash requires heading back to basics heel focus on their own, jumping fences the dog probably requirements more excercise and stimulation and aggression the particular dog must know his place in the particular pack as well as basic obedience once again. they will all require time to teach, do you honestly have enough time in order to devote half hour minimum to each canine daily, will the man you’re seeing help as these are usually all things you need to consider. period and consistancy works better than shock therapy. i use had 8 dogs and a complete time job and know it can become done and my dogs were naughty small buggers because i' d allowed little troubles to creep in, i' m right lower to 4 and they are happier designed for the extra attention they get. it' t probably not the answer you wanted yet its the one you need to think about most, shock collars are a fad such as choke chains and rattle bottles, if a person cant train them yourself just ask with regard to a bit of help to get a person started. hope this can help


    omg this is getin on my nerve fibres. people theres nothin wrong with utilizing the shock collar!!! an u DONT need in order to be qualified 2 use on!!! sheesh. our family an i personally use a surprise collar on our miniature schnauzer, gunthor, this particular way he wont ever run away through home or get hit by a vehicle by goin 2 close 2 the street. skyler (our female) is just a small 2 young 4 a shock collar therefore she just follows gunthor everywhere when they will go outside. ive had a shock dog collar on my arm And Neck and this didnt hurt me one bit!! this will be so irritating lookin @ each one associated with these people who are saying that surprise collars are bad an their not!! plus for ur question bout ur little canine, just go 2 the store that markets shock collars and ask them if these people have a smaller collar for ur canine. and the collars do adjust so oughout dont have 2 worry bout it becoming 2 loose or 2 tight. O a good when u first set it up consider ur dog(s) to the flag and create them cross it once or twice, associated with course have the shock thing on lower! and theyll learn not 2 go past the white flags. Hope that helps great luck!

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