shock collars for dogs pros and cons shock collars for dogs pros and cons:

  • My dog is usually a medium-sized dog and he likes in order to sit outside and yip at us within. I give him attention when he doesn' t stop yipping for attention I was going to have to get rid associated with him. He knows while i yell NO on him that it means no because he or she goes and lays down for a 2nd until I get back in the home and then starts again. I am considering about a shock collar but I had been wondering if its a horrible thing? our choices are becoming him to stop this particular behavior or getting rid of him. thanks a lot for the REAL answers


    When I was a lot younger, I had one on my canine, and I personally don' t like all of them. But here are the pros:
    - These collars can be very great for dogs that don' t respond in order to other training methods. The stimulation is simply a reminder for good behavior, no a lot more severe compared to physical corrections a canine might experience in a pack.
    - The effect of a mild electrical shock is just a small discouragement in order to the dog but enough to show that will bad behavior is not tolerated. It can be no worse than a quick " clip" from a dog' s mother. I attempted it on myself once, actually. It has been not pleasant, but it wasn' t awful.

    The cons:
    - This isn' t necessarily the permanent solution. Many times, dogs don' to see this is a lesson learned, a lot more as a restriction for the time. Because soon as the collar is removed, the particular behavior may repeat itself.
    – It can be said that any kind of electric shock is cruel.
    - These collars will often be very expensive.

    This website might also provide you some information on why dogs start barking, as well as how to control it. Hopefully this helps the bit:

    Here is one more website that can help you find out a few other options as far as collars, and so on:…

    Good luck!

    Buchberger JENNELL

    Try a citronella aerosol collar it is not harmful and this is very effective. My boss – who have is a veterinarian – had used this on his dog that would nuisance start barking anytime he let her out to perform her business. She wore it for the week and never needed it again.


    If barking will be the problem an electronic start barking control collar can be a great method to control it. The only brand that will has held up for me personally is definitely Tritronics. The collar detects vibrations through the dog' s vocal chords and gives a short static shock. Then the collar shuts away for about 4 seconds. It does this particular in case the dog yelps in response to the shock. You wouldn' t desire to correct the dog for that. The particular cons of these collars is the steel contacts can irritate the dog' s throat if it is left on for a long time. A small percentage of dogs will end up being overly sensitive towards the correction. An digital collar should not be used on these types of dogs. These collars are not cruel yet they can be overused. About 8 hrs a day should be the limit. We have a yard filled with sled canines and sometimes they get pretty loud. Generally one dog is instigating the racket plus I put a bark control collar upon that dog. When he stops barking the particular rest of them will quiet down right after a couple minutes. I have 4 start barking collars but I rarely need to make use of more than 2. If one of these types of collars will save your dog from the particular pound you should get one.


    I have to say I tried one particular before…. We moved from the city in order to the country and my dog decided he or she wasn' t going to listen to me personally if he can run free willy nilly thru the fields… I borrowed a surprise collar and we went outside for the walk and off he went. I hollered call him by his name and informed him to come 3 times…. after that will I hit the button, not thinking from the time which he was running through wet tall weeds and grass. Well whenever it hit him it hit him therefore hard that it flipped him backwards upward and then he growled at his rear end since it was wet and touching the particular wet grass…. safe to say I acquired to laugh but I never did this again. I just couldn' t hurt our baby like that. Now I have a good electric fence up all around the property… he never crosses it: )

    Oh I actually do have got to say they are fun if a person have bratty teens… I waited for the son to doze off after he had been being mouthy one day and layed this on his leg…….. He now sleeps within the room with a door between me personally and him…..


    I wouldn' to go to a shock collar. I believe that they' re a bit crueler compared to necessary; and there are other alternatives.

    For instance, two customers at my vet hospital I work in have come back with great success through the citronella spray collars. When the canine barks, it' ll spray the citronella, also it doesn' t harm them, it' s slightly unpleasant.

    If that will doesn' t work, you can try the particular vibrating collars that vibrate when they start barking, which is an odd sensation for all of them rather than painful.

    If I were you, I would test to inflict the minimal amount of irritation while still having an effect. I might go for the spray collars.

    Good luck!

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