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  • so my insane mother got my dog a shock collar will it hurt my dog?


    Yes of course they can hurt. I personally have held the shocking part of the collar and pressed the button to really see what it feels like to my dog… the equivalent is about the shocking sensation you' d get from putting your tongue on a battery which to me wasnt very bad. My dog only had to use it for about a month or less and she was perfectly trained.
    A shock collar is a very affective way to train your dog, if they’re smart that is. What I mean by that if your dog would be to rambunctious and crazy it won’t even work. Literally they wont even feel anything! and for that reason wont learn from it.
    And to all of the people who think it is " animal abuse" get a life! sure it could turn into that if the stupid person controlling the remote is mean and holds the button down! Its like training your son or daughter by flicking their hand with your finger. Can you call that abuse? Ya didnt think so. That is what its like to your dog.
    So you can either choose to use it or not. It just depends on what your personal opinion is.

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    No you won’t hurt your dog. If the collar has a function where you can choose how strong the shock is, put it at the lowest setting that your dog responds to. The point is to snap your dog out of an unwelcome behavior, not make it yelp and whine. Shock collars are fine and safe as long as you are not over correcting with it. Just use common sense and the dog wont be hurt at all: ) its an useful training device if used right.


    A shock collar has its purpose but only when all else fails. It is not meant to hurt a dog just to get its attention. I used one on my GSD because of his jumping on people and it was the last resort. The number on it was 1-10 and 1 being the cheapest. Used the level at two and only had to use the shock twice and after that used just the noise warner a couple more times and then collar was put away because when I said down he did just that. Just make sure she reads the directions and does NOT set it high. She can test it herself, two is merely enough to get the dogs attention. I never used it with just the normal training such as for example sit, stay and so on.


    Shock collars are only cruel if you repeatedly shock your dog at a higher voltage setting. My dogs have underground fencing with special shock collars and they are trained not to go outside the boundaries. If they get a little too close to the fence, the collar makes a beeping noise and my dogs realize that they' re too close and back away. Unless they cross the line, they don' t get shocked. The shock doesn' t hurt dogs, most of the time it actually just startles them.
    On most shock collars you can also adjust the voltage. Even the highest level isn' t enough to earnestly hurt your dog.


    For a dog who continues to bark and bark and bark, they can be useful AT TIMES with someone who knows what they' re doing.

    Use the shock collar on your own body to feel it, most come with adjustable settings. It doesn' t hurt, it' s just uncomfortable.

    Dogs are smart, they’ll figure out what it reacts to, then the dog has the CHOICE when they have the collar on. Most beep giving a warning prior to the shock, therefore the dog makes the choice to continue the behaviour or not.

    A lot of people misuse it, and using it improperly is what' s crule to the animal.

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