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    I really such as this book! As a writer of just about all things canine, and also an advocate for optimistic training methods, I found this training information to be right on target in conditions of such a dog truly needs within order to be a well behaved, delighted member of the household. This guide strategies dog training from the perspective that canines are emotionally complex, acknowledging they are not really simply guided by corporal cause and impact training methods. Instead, through positive reinforcement plus the fostering of a loving relationship, actually dogs from the worst of situations may form strong bonds with their owners plus develop a willingness to please. Throughout the particular guide, entertaining anecdotes about the author’ ersus own “ sticky” dog, Wil, help the particular reader see the reasoning behind each session, and also add an element of wit. In addition, the clicker training section is definitely among the best I got seen!

    I believe this particular book was written out of love plus compassion for dogs, and not simply because a guide to gain control as the pack leader. I am excited…


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