Help, i am terrified of puting my dog in a plane…?

so here is the deal, i am moving to uruguay permanently, and my dog is part of my family, i would NEVER leave her behind, i love this dog… thing is, its a 24hr trip, 20 on a plane and 4 hrs waiting connection… she is a labrador, i am so worried something mught happen to her, such long flight, the airline wont let me take her in the cabin unless she is a service dog certified from a school ( she is a service dog, but i trained her myself, she alerts me of seizures) i cannot take a chance on something heppening to her… im leaving from canada, the laws here suck compared to america… help

  • <cite class="sig">G.SIMONA</cite>

    Check your email – I sent some information there.

    As for your service dog, if you are legally disabled and your dog is a legit service dog, they're breaking the law by not allowing you and your dog access. See if you can find a local Disability Law Advocacy Center – they usually have lawyers that can help. Or go to your country's version of a Americas FAA. Keep fighting. Don't give up.

    20 hours is a long flight – can you schedule layovers? Your dog will have to go potty. If he's not trained to go on command on pee pads in an extremely cramped bathroom, you'll need at least 2 layovers.

    Good luck!


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