USAF K9 units?

I am an 18 year old highschool senior who has been wanting to join the military since i entered high school. After long talks with my college counsler and dean of students (EX Army ranger), i decided i wanted to go into pararescue. I have been researching the requirments and courses for the PJ's. What i reolized is that the pipeline is hard as **** and most likley i will not pass it (i am being realistic, not disrespectful). I am planning to go through 4 years undergrad and one year graduate in buisiness, while attending a USAF ROTC program before i join the military. I am willing to train myself for five years to become a PJ, but i wasnt sure it was the job for me. Today i came across a USAF job called USAF K9 handlers. I am convinced that this is the job i have to to. I love dogs and have always wanted to have one. I cant imagine another job i would want to do in the USAF. What i want to know is:

1. How are you assigned a dog?

2. Is it a fun job or am i going to hate it?

3. How physically fit should i be before i attempt to pursue this job

4. I want to here about any personal expieriences that you are willing to share.

I want to thank any vets for their service, and i want you to know it is heros like you that inspire me to be just like you.

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    Welcome to Security Forces! Sign up. Do well at your job. Get through your initial QQ on time/early. Do well on your CDCs and make sure to be book smart and practical. Work hard during your first four or six years and attempt a lateral train into K9. They are not just going to sign off anyone to go to the course. If you are a dirtbag you will stay on flight and work the worst details/posts until you complete your first enlistment. Make sure you really want to do the Security Forces career before signing up. I saw quite a few members who did not do their research, did not like it and spent a miserable four years, that is if they made it that long. Don't fall into the fatal funnel thinking, "cool, I will be getting a dog in a few years". You may never get selected. Similar to a few on flight during initial training that said, "cool, I am carrying a real weapon!". That thinking usually wore off after a few days and several hours of cleaning weapons!

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