does walmart sell shock collars for dogs does walmart sell shock collars for dogs:

  • 8 months ago I purchased our 13 year old daughter, Denise, a six week old T-cup Chihuahua puppy from the particular pet shop (Price tag = $ 1000! ). She had been begging me ridiculous with regard to over 4 months and told me that will she’d look after the puppy, feed your pet, groom him ect. Anyway, the first couple of days were hard since the puppy arrived down with Conjunctivitis and Kennel Cough. This individual recovered and I paid the bills meant for the vet-even though Den said she would certainly once she got money from chores. The lady purchased a crate for him from Walmart and got the food that out veterinarian suggested (Hills Science Diet: Senior-Lrg breed, in order to help stunt his growth), got heaps associated with toys and treats and we were thrilled to start TRAINING. Anyway, she paid the particular $ 120 enroll fee for the obedience yet never took him to one class along with her dad. She hasn' t socialized bad little Milo at all so he is certainly very snappy and aggressive towards my mothers 4 year old Pugalier. Milo follows myself everywhere and Denise now expects me in order to feed him and groom him (long haired)…


    You should let her know that will you arent going to tell her any kind of more and you are SERIOUS! Tell the girl she cant just take care of the particular dog to get a little while untill she considers your happy! Let her know that a person got the dog for her because a person thought she was responsible enough to consider care of it, and when she cannot do that she must not want your own dog! If I were you I might tell her that I have previously discovered someone that wants the dog really terribly and can give it a wonderful house and the very first time she pants the dog is going to a brand new home! You could mabey also do the check list kind of thing for the girl (like for chores, but for the canine. It sounds kind of stupid nevertheless We were 13-14 I was soo wraped upward in my social life that I actually didnt think or value anything else plus a check list really helped me! ), type up a list of things that will need to be done for the canine on a regular basis, like feed the dog at no matter what time in the morning, walk the canine, feed the dog at whatever time plus walk the dog again.. so on plus so forth. You should also let the girl know that if she doesnt spend sufficient time playing with the dog and offering it the interest it really needs (even if she starts caring for it) you may give/ sell the dog to a much better home! If there is anything extra that will needs to be done for your canine that day, like if the dog requirements a bath, has a vet appointment or even any classes to go to that time, add it on at the bottom associated with the list for that day. If your own daughter is anything like I was that will should help her out. It will furthermore be really good for the dog in order to be on a schedule! Dogs like plus need routine. They also need a lot of adore and attention. Dogs are social animals plus they need their " packs. " This sound like the dog isnt very properly behavied for a few different reasons.. Associated with course the dog needs to be skilled and socalized, but it also needs in order to get exercise (more than just playing close to the house. Even dogs that stay outdoors and also have a huge yard in order to run around in need to be strolled a few times a day! ) plus ALOT of love and attention!.. I wish I helped out a little bit! rofl! Good luck!: )


    This is what I do…. and it worked like a charm!

    At dinner time presently there was a plate placed for every loved ones member except my son. You can think about the questioning look on his face.

    When he asked myself why I wasn' t feeding him, We told him, now you know how the particular dog feels when you don' t trouble to fill his food dish.

    He has been more family pet friendly ever since.

    Pets are an excellent way to coach children responsibility. Make the most of this.


    Place the particular dog< < <
    hate in order to say it, but no one wants the particular dog,, and it is suffering a harmless sort of neglect.. the problems with behaviour and training are all becuse the canine is NOT getiing the correct kind associated with interaction and you have an enough upon your plate.. since it is.. so attempting to do quick fixes are not heading to work..

    Somebody has to love train and care pertaining to the pets,, and it seems like a person just may have to much to offer with and it is not a poor idea to " not" own pets right this moment, and only get another when life forms down and you really want all that will is involved with pet ownership..

    you are the adult within the household and legal owner of the particular dog place the dog, you do not really need her permission..

    contact the local SPCA and see whenever they can find a home for the particular poor dog.. or a local no eliminate rescue tell and surrender your dog..

    She is 13.. no longer pets for her,, no pets for the particular other.. when they do not take treatment of the dog they own.. IT may not be any diffrent with a brand new puppy.. thats it.. If they are actually inrested then they can help care intended for milo when he visits,, FIRST… and show intrest and resposibility..

    Honestly neither child is ready for the dog,, one hates that the puppy works like a puppy? the other too buisy to consider it to classes? thats this.. they have proven by action and overlook that they really do not need " real" dog just think they do.. plus as the parent SAY NO!!!!!!

    I think you already understand the answer and are looking for a few backup.. I would place the dog sensibly,, you do not have the time, encounter in dog training, right now to offer with everything going on,, and despite dangers nothing has changed.. so tough luck.. they will blew it.. and it is over..
    Perhaps in 1-2 years you " May" consider another dog,, but only in the event that things change..


    You should have done something about this particular a long time. My best advice would certainly be to give her one last caution and if she doesn' t follow via with it, give the dog away in order to someone who will be willing to provide it a new home, spend time along with the dog and socialize it since your own daughter isn' t interested in spending period with the dog herself. As for the particular money that you paid for the canine, you have two options, either you may make her work off the money that will you paid for the dog, or a person can chalk up the money as the loss. I don' t understand why a person simply couldn' t have adopted a small chihuahua from an animal shelter like the particular SPCA since they take the time in order to housetrain pets before they are adopted. Because for your ten year old, tell the girl that right now is not the period for the pet. It is a big obligation and begging you for months shouldn' big t be reason enough that you should just give within and buy a dog. They are residing beings that need to be cared right after and if your 13 year old alaready set a bad example what' s in order to say that your 10 year old won' t the actual same. Also, why really does a 13 year old require a cellular phone? A cell phone is a requirement and not something which a 13 season old needs at all. If she gets the particular money to have a cell phone after that she has money to aid you with her canine. Take her cell phone away and create her start prioritizing what she needs in order to do. You have a very spoiled child and yes it sounds like you let her perform whatever she wants to do and years old cave in all the time. Stand company and tell her that either she begins taking care of the dog or a person will find it a brand new house and then follow through.


    A person are the main one responsible for this situation! Make sure you, for the well being of the canine contact these people and let them get care of Milo!

    Email the one closest to a person and then give Milo to them. DON" T just give Milo away, too a lot of bad things occur to dogs especially little ones like Milo. We are really attempting to be nice but you NEED in order to give Milo to rescue. This is not really a healthy situation for anybody but specifically poor Milo.

    Exactly why on Earth would you use a surprise collar on a dog!? Especially a Chihuahua PUPPY!! Could you electrocute your daughters, especially whenever they were toddlers? You can easily eliminate Milo. As it is, it is very possible he now has brain damage. Their own system is not designed for that kind of abuse. PLEASE contact rescue!

    For both of the children, get them a Tamagotchi If these people are responsible with those multiple times, allow them get a fish inside a couple many years but no puppies!! If they seriously wish a dog, have them volunteer at the particular shelter. You happen to be the adult, just say simply no. Be strong, you can do it.: )

    Before you think about another pet store puppy please read these types of sites and have your daughters as nicely:

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